Monday, July 23, 2012

Wow almost a month.

Well it seems like I lost my head a little bit there. I got really excited about my upcoming trip or starting a new job or something and that's why I stopped posting.

But for two weeks of it I was in California for the San Diego Comic-Con, and a small visit to LA.
I needed this trip, I needed something to give me my drive back, I felt a bit lost since last year and didn't see anything good going on in my life when it came to my career and art. I finished school but not even that got me wanting to work any more. But I think listening and breathing in the art and talking and getting motivated by these artists brought at least some drive back. The confidence will come with time, and maybe securing that first paying job. But i know if I don't keep a positive mind I won't get anything. So here is to working and learning even if it means making comics that make me no money and trying to stay a float while working at Whole Foods. I think this will turn into a journal as well for me. But pictures of the con that's what people want to see, so here are some of my favorites.

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