Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Art Yay.

Well first off, stuff is kind of going to shit, but I will keep my head up and move forward. I didn't get either of the big internships I had interviewed for. But some of the smaller ones may soon come through.

Like this one with EDetroit. They are a great start up marketing company that are looking to help Detroit small businesses. I was asked to do their business card so thought even though they haven't approved the design I would still post what I had done. I haven't made one in a while so I may tweak it more, but like the direction it's going. Go Check them out they are a great company.

Also I may have some more work at the end of the month as a freelance artist with a local ad agency.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday today.

So that month passed way to quick. I wanted to post updates, but for some reason I couldn't  keep up with the posts. I was working and had lots of meetings for internships. But just my luck I didn't get  the ones I really wanted.

But today is my birthday and a new start to the month, I am making a business card for one of my internships, and I will be starting work next week on this little sports show so I hope that goes well. And who knows maybe I can add a couple more too.

Also the writing this month has gone well, but since its my own I am going to be a perfectionist. On the other hand though that doesn't mean I won't be doing a comic. A friend and I have been brainstorming this one that we really want to get started that could actually give us a little bit of extra cash. And with a laptop now I can write wherever.

It's just time to get into production again, learn and create new things while slowly getting a job from all my hard work. More art will becoming, I am sorry again.

I see things moving forward for me, I can feel it. Just wish somethings were still the same.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Week.

This week went really well that last couple of days have given me confidence that things are on the up.
I just got an internship with a great start up company, and I am meeting with Henry Ford Hospital to discuss another one. So I have been very happy this week.  I got all that good news and even got to attend a Tigers game.

In other news it is time to get my own place. I am currently looking for roommates and houses in the Metro Detroit area because everything I am doing is in the city. And its time to get out of my parents house, I have learned its not the best working environment.

But I am glad things are slowly but surely moving forward for me. I also continue to tinker with my comics story, trying to find good angles and characters to write about. More art will be coming. I know this is a journal right now, but I have been busy in meetings and job hunting this week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In other news.

The trip also just got me back to doing art. I graduated and had a bit of lul. I needed that break I guess. But since then I have been sending resumes and cover letters out looking for work while I wait for Chrysler in December. But also just because I haven't posted any new art doesn't mean there isnt any. I have actually started a sketchbook, its a day a page book. I make sure I draw at least one page of random sketches a day. But I feel I should bring back my sketch a day I somehow need to have something to post while I work on bigger projects. When my comic is ready which I hope is in a month or so I hope to post a page every week, even with my crazy schedule.

I will be very busy in the next few months. This comic I need to start, my Whole Foods job which is there to pay off my school, An internship at a video production company, and hopefully some contract work for an advertising firm. I am glad I am getting busy ever since being out of school it has been hard to keep deadlines. I am alright with dissapointing myself, but if I knew there was someone behind the curtain I was making it for then I know my hard work ethic would return.

So just keep a look for things If I get busy it doesnt mean I am not working. I am saying now that because of this I will most likely post once a week. I can keep that schedule and not have to worry about wasting a ton of time here and scanning.


My Trip to California really opended my eyes to things I had shut out in my life previously. The reason was because I was ashamed of my sexuality the last time I was at Comic-Con. But since last year I have become an out and proud man. And I am glad for it because I might never had seen my true calling. I of course like any artist wantto work for Pixar or Disney, but not everyone can and until I can acheive that dream I feel I can do something more that can benefit me and I hope someothers.

I went to Comic-Con wanting to experience comics in a way that wasn't Marvel & DC because along time ago I knew those wern't where I would work. But on this trip I discovered Gay comics and more specifically Tim Fish and his works. I had gone to the 25th anniversay of Gays in Comics panel and I got to hear from and meet some of the people that have paved the path for gays in this undustry. It was so great to hear their stories and how they translated them onto page.

And since that I feel my dream in art has changed from what everyone wants to something unique that I can see myself really accomplishing. I know that it may not help pay the bills but its something I can do to help cleanse my mind. I can get my stories out there and help people that may also be struggling with their sexuality, by showing them its alright to be gay.And in the mean time work a day job that I also love. I can see everything working.

I am now a week out of the con and my head is filled with many stories and characters. This blog will be filled with these ideas and more news of this will be coming all month as I really get to work on the scripts and get some of the characters the way I want them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wow almost a month.

Well it seems like I lost my head a little bit there. I got really excited about my upcoming trip or starting a new job or something and that's why I stopped posting.

But for two weeks of it I was in California for the San Diego Comic-Con, and a small visit to LA.
I needed this trip, I needed something to give me my drive back, I felt a bit lost since last year and didn't see anything good going on in my life when it came to my career and art. I finished school but not even that got me wanting to work any more. But I think listening and breathing in the art and talking and getting motivated by these artists brought at least some drive back. The confidence will come with time, and maybe securing that first paying job. But i know if I don't keep a positive mind I won't get anything. So here is to working and learning even if it means making comics that make me no money and trying to stay a float while working at Whole Foods. I think this will turn into a journal as well for me. But pictures of the con that's what people want to see, so here are some of my favorites.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Some new things.

Got some new sketches, and even a bit of color. I suck at posting and need to get better at doing it when I finish a drawing. and it's more dudes, butI am working on a girl character right now too. So maybe some of her in the future.