Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In other news.

The trip also just got me back to doing art. I graduated and had a bit of lul. I needed that break I guess. But since then I have been sending resumes and cover letters out looking for work while I wait for Chrysler in December. But also just because I haven't posted any new art doesn't mean there isnt any. I have actually started a sketchbook, its a day a page book. I make sure I draw at least one page of random sketches a day. But I feel I should bring back my sketch a day I somehow need to have something to post while I work on bigger projects. When my comic is ready which I hope is in a month or so I hope to post a page every week, even with my crazy schedule.

I will be very busy in the next few months. This comic I need to start, my Whole Foods job which is there to pay off my school, An internship at a video production company, and hopefully some contract work for an advertising firm. I am glad I am getting busy ever since being out of school it has been hard to keep deadlines. I am alright with dissapointing myself, but if I knew there was someone behind the curtain I was making it for then I know my hard work ethic would return.

So just keep a look for things If I get busy it doesnt mean I am not working. I am saying now that because of this I will most likely post once a week. I can keep that schedule and not have to worry about wasting a ton of time here and scanning.

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