Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Week.

This week went really well that last couple of days have given me confidence that things are on the up.
I just got an internship with a great start up company, and I am meeting with Henry Ford Hospital to discuss another one. So I have been very happy this week.  I got all that good news and even got to attend a Tigers game.

In other news it is time to get my own place. I am currently looking for roommates and houses in the Metro Detroit area because everything I am doing is in the city. And its time to get out of my parents house, I have learned its not the best working environment.

But I am glad things are slowly but surely moving forward for me. I also continue to tinker with my comics story, trying to find good angles and characters to write about. More art will be coming. I know this is a journal right now, but I have been busy in meetings and job hunting this week.

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