Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday today.

So that month passed way to quick. I wanted to post updates, but for some reason I couldn't  keep up with the posts. I was working and had lots of meetings for internships. But just my luck I didn't get  the ones I really wanted.

But today is my birthday and a new start to the month, I am making a business card for one of my internships, and I will be starting work next week on this little sports show so I hope that goes well. And who knows maybe I can add a couple more too.

Also the writing this month has gone well, but since its my own I am going to be a perfectionist. On the other hand though that doesn't mean I won't be doing a comic. A friend and I have been brainstorming this one that we really want to get started that could actually give us a little bit of extra cash. And with a laptop now I can write wherever.

It's just time to get into production again, learn and create new things while slowly getting a job from all my hard work. More art will becoming, I am sorry again.

I see things moving forward for me, I can feel it. Just wish somethings were still the same.

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