Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My Trip to California really opended my eyes to things I had shut out in my life previously. The reason was because I was ashamed of my sexuality the last time I was at Comic-Con. But since last year I have become an out and proud man. And I am glad for it because I might never had seen my true calling. I of course like any artist wantto work for Pixar or Disney, but not everyone can and until I can acheive that dream I feel I can do something more that can benefit me and I hope someothers.

I went to Comic-Con wanting to experience comics in a way that wasn't Marvel & DC because along time ago I knew those wern't where I would work. But on this trip I discovered Gay comics and more specifically Tim Fish and his works. I had gone to the 25th anniversay of Gays in Comics panel and I got to hear from and meet some of the people that have paved the path for gays in this undustry. It was so great to hear their stories and how they translated them onto page.

And since that I feel my dream in art has changed from what everyone wants to something unique that I can see myself really accomplishing. I know that it may not help pay the bills but its something I can do to help cleanse my mind. I can get my stories out there and help people that may also be struggling with their sexuality, by showing them its alright to be gay.And in the mean time work a day job that I also love. I can see everything working.

I am now a week out of the con and my head is filled with many stories and characters. This blog will be filled with these ideas and more news of this will be coming all month as I really get to work on the scripts and get some of the characters the way I want them.

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